Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cuppycakes!! and SWEET potatoe fries!

Me and Sami went to this glorrrrriousss cupcake place here in P-town called cocoa bean, they make delicious cuppycakes that makes me want to run through the streets naked screaming "CUPPPPPCCAAKKKKESSSS!"

If you have ever eaten there, you should feel the same, if you have and feel different then SHAME on YOU!

After we got our cupcakes, of apple pie, browinie explosion, rasberry lemon, and sami also got an apple pie, we went to this place in downtown provo called Sammy's, they make magical food that inspires me to eat and become a fat kid and or a regular at that establishment haha

Here are some pics of our joyous visit


  1. Haha, Jaimie I love you. This made me happy.

  2. excuse me hi-me...but I keep checking this blog and you're not posting anything. you better check yo-self before you wreck yo-self and post something!!!

  3. Cocoa bean!! Love that place. Their Smore's cupcake? Bestest thing ever.
    How fun to run into another P-town blogger! I hope you keep it up, I've liked what you've posted so far. :)