Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Safety First!

Babies for Emily!!

Haha not quite, she must marry first!

Which is why I threw her a BRIDAL SHOWER, it was legit, with penis cupcakes and bridal gowns and sex talks. I know it is exactly what every Bridal Shower needs.

Haha we played two games, one where I had asked the Groom, Shane, a bunch of questions and then asked Emily, and any she got wrong she would have had to put a huge piece of hubba bubba gum in her mouth and continue with the questions. She actually did pretty well if I must say myself, and then I gave out prizes I got from the DOLLAR STORE, where I am thinking of relocating my home.

The other game was the roomies had to break up into teams and make bridal gowns and then emily had to judge, which she loved by the way!

Then as a surprise we went to the local Coffee shop, that I heard was having a sex talk, and thought that was a perfect adventure for a Bridal Shower, I mean it was in Provo and quite clean I must say.

also to make in 10x Better, we also wore jammies to the coffee shop chyyyeeaahh! and then we got free condoms and hershey kisses haha! Safety first!

My Romance with Chemicals...

My Chemical Romance, oh yeah!

So on April 8th 2011, I felt a feeling a euphoria.

I went to a My Chemical Romance concert in SLC with my bestie MELINDA and it blew my freakin mind! I mean my brain matter was all over the room by the end of the night! AS WELL AS MELS!

It was like the time I felt the feeling of euphoria at a Lily Allen and Paramore concert. Sooooooo amazing! I don't believe I will ever be that happy, at least until I am married and I will get the feeling of euphoria....when i have my own babies! haha and I won't have to steal other peoples...i mean shhhhh....

So anyways, they played all my favorite songs, along with their new album DANGER DAYS!! I feel like there are so many hidden messages in all the new album covers, I think the world is ending, OMG the All American Rejects-When The World Ends!!! ahhhhh I am so scuurrrreeeddd!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Besst WEEKK ever!!!

So this week was a-m-a-z-ing! I had a child, i gave birth to a new life called awesomeness.
First: I wore some boots that I have had for a few weeks and was too afraid to wear them and conform to the world around me.
Second: My roomie, Jillian, turned 19!! SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL, i love her :]
we went to red robin and then us and our roomies had a mattress sleepover in our living room, it was majestical the only thing missing was a unicorn. We watched two movies: Stardust and the fighter (best movie ever-cause mark has his shirt off 90% of the time)

Third: We went as a famiry to the Lincoln Lawyer, which is an awesome movie. I don't care what people say, whether or not Matthew Mchonahey has a shirt or not he is a fantastic actor, I mean haven't you ever seen A TIME TO KILL! love it!

Fourth: Friends came to visit and party it up this week at the festival of colors! Which was a blast, I wore all white and an awesome brim hat which is pretty legitly covered in chalk!

Fifth: Our ward had an activity of classic skating. Now if you know me, you know I am prone to injuries and accidents, I am pretty sure when the creators of the 3 stooges came out they settled for Curly because I wasn't born yet...

Sixth: We went to this dance-afterparty for the chalk festival and it was pretty nice, it wasn't the best but it was still good, but what I don't understand or really like is when a guy comes up to grind on you, I don't want to grind I wanna dance and I try and my nicest way to reject him haha, by moving forward but usually only to be pulled back in again its a vicious cycle haha.

Pretty much this next week is gonna be killer! I am planning on literally murdering someone! With my love! MY NEPHEW! im going to Ohio this weekend to see some very cute people that I extremely love!

CAN'T WAIT! now time for me to get on this baby train...JUST KIDDING! I'M NOT READY!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cuppycakes!! and SWEET potatoe fries!

Me and Sami went to this glorrrrriousss cupcake place here in P-town called cocoa bean, they make delicious cuppycakes that makes me want to run through the streets naked screaming "CUPPPPPCCAAKKKKESSSS!"

If you have ever eaten there, you should feel the same, if you have and feel different then SHAME on YOU!

After we got our cupcakes, of apple pie, browinie explosion, rasberry lemon, and sami also got an apple pie, we went to this place in downtown provo called Sammy's, they make magical food that inspires me to eat and become a fat kid and or a regular at that establishment haha

Here are some pics of our joyous visit