Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Romance with Chemicals...

My Chemical Romance, oh yeah!

So on April 8th 2011, I felt a feeling a euphoria.

I went to a My Chemical Romance concert in SLC with my bestie MELINDA and it blew my freakin mind! I mean my brain matter was all over the room by the end of the night! AS WELL AS MELS!

It was like the time I felt the feeling of euphoria at a Lily Allen and Paramore concert. Sooooooo amazing! I don't believe I will ever be that happy, at least until I am married and I will get the feeling of euphoria....when i have my own babies! haha and I won't have to steal other peoples...i mean shhhhh....

So anyways, they played all my favorite songs, along with their new album DANGER DAYS!! I feel like there are so many hidden messages in all the new album covers, I think the world is ending, OMG the All American Rejects-When The World Ends!!! ahhhhh I am so scuurrrreeeddd!!!

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  1. Fun! I need to take Steven to a concert, he says he has never been to one. Whaaaaat?